JLT Bloodstock


We fully understand that it can be a very distressing time when you need to make a claim.

Please give us a call if you need some advice or assistance – 0800 383 071.


Step 1

Contact us immediately if your animal requires any veterinary treatment.

  • We will want to know details of the condition your animal is suffering from.
  • Your vet’s name and contact number.

Submit the online veterinary fee claim notification form.

Depending on the circumstances we may appoint a second opinion vet to examine your animal. The cost of this will be charged to JLT Bloodstock.

Step 2

We require the following from you to submit a veterinary fee claim to our underwriters:

  1. Invoices from your veterinary clinic.
  2. Veterinary reports signed, dated and on clinic letterhead supporting the invoices received.

Forward a veterinary report. We understand that in some circumstances this is not possible and immediate action is required to prevent the animal from suffering. In this case, we would speak to the attending vet by phone.

Step 3

If your animal dies or requires humane destruction we will require a post mortem. This is a requirement of the policy. Failure to have this carried out can result in your claim being declined.

If you are making a veterinary fee claim we will require a vet report and copies of your invoices, please be aware exclusions apply to veterinary fee cover as per the policy wording.

Step 4

JLT Bloodstock will forward a claim form to be completed along with relevant policy information. If you are submitting a veterinary fee claim we will forward the claim calculation sheet for your claimable amount.

Complete claim form and submit to us for processing.

Step 5

Once we have received all the above documentation a decision on the claim can be made. It is very unusual for claims to be declined, however if any of the above is not carried out it may prejudice the claim.