JLT Bloodstock


Veterinary examinations are required for all horses with a sum insured over $100,000. A veterinary certificate is required on horses aged over 15 years and under 90 days of age. All other horses are subject to an acceptable Declaration of Health.

Classic Cover

Death or destruction on humane grounds, by accident sickness or disease and limited theft and transit within and including transits between these two countries. Included is Major Medical costs at no additional premium, providing the horse does not have a medical history or pre-existing conditions. The coverage limit is $10,000 with a $1,000 excess in the event of a claim (limited to sum insured and an age limit of 30 days to 15 years applies) as above.

Transit Insurance

Mortality coverage whilst the horse is transiting between countries.

Foetus Insurance

Provides protection for the unborn foetus, cover expires 30 days after birth.


Foals can be insured from 24 hours of age for an annual period or until the yearling sales.

Stallion Infertility Clause

In the event your proven stallion becomes permanently infertile from accident, sickness or disease, you will be paid up to 100% of the indemnity due under the mortality policy.

Congenital Infertility

Congenital infertility cover is available for first season stallions.

Care, Custody and Control

This insurance is essential for anyone who has care, custody or control of another person's horse/s whether they are a commercial operation or not. Studs, thoroughbred trainers, agistment and shuttle stallion farms who are responsible for other people’s horses are among those who should seriously consider this cover. The policy pays up to the sum insured for the costs you are legally obliged to pay others for damage to horses in your care, custody or control.

This coverage does not apply to horses you own or lease, which typically are covered by a mortality policy. Almost all general liability policies exclude coverage for injury or death to any animal in your care, custody or control. Our CC&C policy will defend and protect you against claims for negligent acts.

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