JLT Global Insurance Services

Who are we?

We specialise in multinational aspects of insurance programme management. We coordinate global and local insurance service, and provide technical advice on local and global cover requirements such as compliance and regulation. Our multilingual teams are located and operate worldwide providing support across the JLT Group. We deliver broking and risk advisory services in defined industry and risk sectors and in many of these we are one of the strongest brokers in the market. Our goal is to work with JLT colleagues from around the world, using our combined knowledge, expertise and client experience to help win new business and retain existing clients. We deliver these services to clients in more than 135 countries.

What do we do?

We provide bespoke advice and solutions that really deliver and meet our client needs. Our success comes from just focusing on sectors where we know we can make the greatest difference – and where we are or can become one of the strongest global brokers. We use insight, intelligence and imagination to provide expert advice and robust – often unique – solutions. And by building teams to work side-by-side with our client, the JLT network and the market, we are able to deliver responses which are carefully considered from all angles. Our services include the following:

  • Global programme management

    We establish client’s overseas service requirements, working with our local in country brokers and or insurer networks to set-up the service infrastructure. We also identify local business needs and compliance requirements, including compulsory aspects of cover and payment of premiums and local taxes. We establish claims protocols, manage data collection, and communicate renewal instructions to our local brokers and businesses

  • Global insurance reviews

    We review centrally and locally placed global insurance arrangements to identify gaps or duplications in cover, ensure local compliance, provide visibility of total insurance spend and evaluate the effectiveness of the cover. Our findings provide recommendations to strengthen global insurance arrangements and improve their efficiency. For example we can make savings by cancelling duplications, address compliance gaps and identify opportunities for wider collaboration and leverage.

  • Local insurance programme coordination

    We arrange local insurance policies to fit the needs of local businesses. This allows us to meet all compulsory local requirements as well as advising the business on additional covers. We work with and coordinate our local brokers, track renewals and gain full visibility for central reporting. We also monitor renewals at country level including policy issuance, invoicing, and premium payment, ensuring local covers dovetail with global programmes. And we respond to on-going queries from local businesses and our local brokers, reporting and resolving local issues.

  • Overseas mergers and acquisitions due diligence

    We appoint and work with our local brokers to provide due diligence advice and reports for mergers and acquisitions

  • Fronting programme advice and facilitation

    We work with clients to identify potential insurers to provide fronting services including management of tenders, programme set-up and implementation.

Why work with us?

We provide a high quality service. Our team is non-transactional so we focus purely on delivering overseas service through rigorous implementation. We also meet all follow up service requirements. We provide technical advice. We specialise in overseas insurance matters and provide a centre of technical excellence from compliance to local insurance trends. We regularly make insurance arrangements in developing markets across Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. This means we have in depth knowledge and experience of evolving insurance regulations and solutions. We work in partnership. Our team can support you at any stage of local or global programme service delivery. We provide a central point of contact, oversight and reporting. Our relationships with brokers, insurers and clients along with our multilingual capability allow us to build trust and understanding across the network.

Global Insurance Review

An evaluation of all your insurance policies around the world will identify vital compliance issues and enable you to streamline your programmes. By revealing gaps or duplications in cover, it also is highly likely to result in significant savings.