JLT New Zealand

Our global Risk & Insurance businesses provide services including:

Advice and Consultancy

Advising our clients on their insurance and reinsurance requirements, ensuring that they understand the likelihood and potential severity of the risks they face, the options available to mitigate them and the potential cost. This then allows our clients to make an informed decision that balances price, coverage and risk appetite. We also provide capital raising and corporate finance advice to insurance market clients and investors.

Brokerage and Placement

Acting as intermediaries with insurers and reinsurers all over the world, using our specialist knowledge to negotiate and place insurance cover on our clients’ behalf on the best terms available.

Access to Specialist Insurance Products

Providing our clients with access to certain facilities and insurance products through bespoke agreements that we have struck with insurers without taking any balance sheet underwriting risk.

Other Services

Providing a range of related services to our clients and insurance market counterparties in areas such as captive and claims management and administration.

We invite you to read JLTNZ’s Business Protocols which provide an outline of our business practices and procedures as well as general information on our relationship with you as a client of JLTNZ.