MOE Contract Works Facility

Welcome to the JLT Contract Works Insurance for Ministry of Education projects.

Please click this link to access the Contract Works Certificate Facility.

If you enter and “submit” details incorrectly please don’t attempt to re-enter, as this creates duplicate records. Instead, advise JLT and they will amend the incorrect data.

We recommend you have the following information available before using the Contract Works Certificate Facility:

General Information

  • Name of Contractor & Email Address
  • MOE Project Management Number (Helios or PMIS)
  • Project Manager Name
  • Name or number of the school the contract relates to
  • Contract Start Date
  • Contract End Date
  • Description of works involved in the contract

Contract Category and Costs Information

Where applicable:

  • BAU (Business as Usual) – Contract Price
  • BIP (Building Improvement Programme) – Contract Price
  • New School – Contract Price
  • Canterbury Recovery – Contract Price
  • Principal Supplied Materials – Cost
  • Main Sub Contractor – Name(s); Scope of Work and Price
    (all values should exclude GST)

Contract Works Insurance Details

Once you hit “submit” an email is released to confirm the status of the insurance. If accepted the email will include a Certificate of Currency containing brief details of the project. If you or the Contractor require further details of the Ministry’s insurance please download the MOE Insurance Information Certificate 2018.