Claims Management

JLT recognise a fast and effective claims service as a key JLT deliverable. We also consider a superior claims service to be of critical importance and relevant to the effective management and treatment of risks and exposures. At JLT we treat claims as a critical front office function and act as our clients’ “claims advocates”, not as a back office function nor we do not act just as “claims administrators”.

What is Claims Management?

Claims Management consists of consultation or services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in regards to some other obligation. Claims management services cover litigation, and claims under regulation schemes or voluntary arrangements. JLT provides claims management services in four key areas:

  1. Insured claims
  2. Uninsured incidents
  3. Claims below the policy deductible
  4. Uninsured recoveries

Benefits of Claims Management

A significant impact on premium reduction can often be achieved by taking a proactive approach to claims management. Claims Specialists will actively support the claims process with a view to resolving outstanding claims as quickly as possible by providing direct access to relevant specialists and allowing you to maintain your focus on your business. Our emphasis is on the early resolution of claims. We make sure we assess the need for external and selective specialists / assessors at the outset of a claim. We secure insurers early agreement to progress payments proactively, and pursue recoveries where ever possible and necessary.

Introducing Echelon – JLT Claims Management Team

JLT has a specific team of dedicated claims management specialists who have a strong national capability and experience to provide services to our clients across New Zealand – Echelon NZ. Echelon provides a wide range of tailored consulting and claims services by working in partnership with our clients and a range of domestic and international insurers, reinsurers, brokers, government bodies and self-insured entities.

Forensic Accounting Specialisation

JLT specialise and are experienced in delivering Forensic Accountant services, and have a depth of knowledge in the preparation of complex Insurance Claims. We have successfully prepared and resolved claims as a result of many of the most significant loss events in the region, including; Christchurch earthquakes, Thailand floods, Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Queensland floods, Mumbai Terror Attacks, Manila Mutiny, South East Asian tsunami, SARS and Taiwan earthquake. Through the preparation and resolution of complex claims, we have developed significant industry knowledge across the mining, power, telecommunications, winery, hospitality and leisure, complex manufacturing and high tech – semiconductors industry sectors.

To connect with one of our Echelon claims specialists contact us today.