Complimentary Health Check

JLT invite you to undertake a complimentary health check on your current insurance policies and risk management practices. To kick start the exercise, simply contact Shaun Sellwood or Deb Fisher to take you through what is required.

If you would like to receive a quotation (including a monthly premium payment option) based on your individual risk profile and buying preference, please contact Shaun Sellwood or Deb Fisher to learn more about the benefits you will receive.

JLT will provide relevant advice around what cover is available, how to maximise results from the insurance market, what can be done to keep insurance costs down, the suitability and sustainability of your current policies, how to identify and manage risk to improve your profile, what gaps in cover can be closed, and the improvements that can be made to better protect your business.

JLT is a worldwide company whose expertise is in successfully delivering unique services to a wide range of collective risk and insurance buying groups through strategic affinity partnerships.