Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand

Premium Funding

JLT has established a strategic partnership with Macquarie Pacific to bring the TIA members competitive expertise, financial strength & security, experience and personalised service from a premium funding company who understands the business you are in and is committed to building a long term relationship with TIA and its members.

Macquarie Pacific Funding has undertaken to always be flexible, approachable and dependable. They have a strong service culture and are supported by innovative technology and committed to listening to the needs of the TIA and its members.

Macquarie Pacific Funding is an independent financier, not owned by an insurer or broker. Their team has the right skills and experience to develop tailored funding solutions irrespective of the size, structure or complexity of your requirements.

Premium funding options can help with cash flow by spreading the cost of insurance over monthly payments. Premium funding can also help overcome the temptation to under-insure by eliminating the upfront, annual hit to cash flow.

It is important to note:

  • There are no loan service fees or monthly fees;
  • Interest costs are usually tax deductible (TIA members should always seek independent tax advice); and
  • There is generally no impact on pre-existing banking or credit an arrangement, as the policy itself usually serves as security.

JLT will automatically provide you with a premium funding indication with your TIA member quotation. It will be based on your individual risk profile and buying preference. If you require further information please contact JLT on Free Phone 0800 895 376.