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Material Damage & Business Interruption

This policy will pay a claim If, during the period of insurance, physical loss or physical damage unintended and unforeseen happens to any property Insured from any cause not excluded. If, during the period of insurance damage to property insured used or to be used by you occurs and the business is in consequence interrupted or interfered with, this policy will also indemnify you for the consequential losses and additional costs you incur.

Professional Indemnity

This policy will indemnify you for a claim for compensation arising out of your professional business activities and the costs and expenses you are required to pay. Costs and expenses means any legal costs, disbursements, witnesses’ costs, assessors’ costs or experts costs incurred by you in investigating, defending or settling any claim made against you in respect of a loss you are entitled to be indemnified for. Cost and expenses also means all reasonable expenses (other than loss of earning or profits) that are incurred by you in assisting in the investigation, defence or settlement of any claim. The definition of costs and expenses also includes any interest accruing after judgment until the date insurers settle the final sum in full.

Public and Products Liability

This insurance provides compensation (including costs & expenses) you may become legally liable to pay as a result of third party property damage and /or bodily injury claims. All organisations face the risk of causing damage to the third party property and / or injury to third party persons (clients, customers, suppliers and the like) who you engage with during the course of undertaking your work (including as a result of property in your care, custody or control).

Workplace Legal Liability

This policy will reimburse you for the legal expenses of defending legal action commenced against you during the period of the policy. The policy covers an alleged offence under the statue arising in the course of your employment which occurs in the work place, that results in a criminal prosecution, and traffic prosecution as well as other action bought against you which the insurers elect to treat as covered by this policy (subject to the policy terms and conditions).

Employers Liability

A policy of this type will meet claims from employees following an injury or illness which occurred in the workplace and which falls outside of the cover provided by ACC. All employers have an exposure to claims from employees in the workplace, irrespective of the industry sector, as there are a number of work-related injuries that ACC do not cover. An employee is able to sue an employer for damages resulting from a raft of circumstances, including such areas as: stress, shock, mental strain, disease, infection caused from the workplace and during the course of employment.

Additional Insurances

Options are also available for, directors & officer’s liability, association liability, internet liability, trustees’ liability, employment practices liability, motor vehicle, travel, personal accident, home dwelling & contents, fidelity, cargo insurances and others as required.

To obtain a tailored TIA quotation (including a premium funding indication) based on your individual risk profile and buying preference please contact JLT on Free Phone 0800 895 376 for further information or forward a fully completed application form.